Imagine Science explored how learning and development can be enhanced through creativity and craft.
The project was developed in collaboration with a 9th grade Biology class at Børne U.N.I. på Vesterbro, a fri skole in Copenhagen, Denmark. In this project I and a fellow co-designer, Ingeborg Himle Matland, explored how traditional ways of teaching, in this case with a Biology class, might be challenged by creative methods. In collaboration with the teachers we designed an activities based on the theory from the curriculum consisting of tasks challenging students to build, express, and communicate their acquired knowledge, and personal understanding and imagination. We were interested in knowing if including engaging analogue activities in science classes would help pupils to learn, retain and communicate knowledge better – and, additionally, how this might support the inclusion of students that normally find science a challenging subject. The result was a flexible teaching concept with a kit consisting of templates, with planning and co-designing activities for teachers and resources to use
in any classroom.
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